Monday, February 16, 2009

Valentines Day - The Big Four

February rolls along each year with a certain degree of anxiety. From the unpredictable winter weather, to the day we combine our extra quarter of a day each year to observe. But more than the celestial laws or the sky's can produce, it is President's and Valentines Day that produce the most anx for the month.

If you are a male and in a relationship, there are FOUR days a year that you can not forget. Do you know them? Valentines, Anniversary, Birthday, Christmas. The Big Four. Interestingly enough if you were to say "Big Four" in Chinese, it is a homonym for "Beat to Death". Which is what will for sure happen if you were to forget one of these most sacred days.

Valentines days, in particular is quite a pickle for an involved man. Though often times not, this is one holiday where the man shoulders the responsibility for a successful celebration. Sorry guys I have no insight on this, except to remember what the big four really mean.

This Valentines day however was the biggest powered day we have had this season. And lucky for me my lovely wife happens to love snow almost as much as she loves me. So we skied all day Valentines day!

We had a nice Valentines Day brunch the following Sunday.

But what about Presidents day? What about it it allows it to rival the importance of Valentines day. Well for starters, many get this day off of work and school. Situated in the middle of ski season, this holiday represents one of the biggest money generating weekends for ski resorts. Living in a resort town, the influx of traffic is also very noticeable, being one of the highest traffic volume days of the winter. But for me it was what happened 12 years ago that will always pit Valentines and Presidents day against each other.

Amidst a particularly difficult break up during the month of February, 12 years ago, a three day weekend presented itself as a perfect weekend to head out into the desert to do some offroad wheelin. Presidents weekend happens to fall on Valentines Day more times than not. And thus what was a weekend to get away, became a anthem to anti conformity. To thrust that finger high into the air, and give a big FUCK YOU to a holiday that left you feeling worse about yourself, more times than not.

So for the last 12 years I have spent Valentines/President's day exploring the desolate and cold, winter deserts of the western United States. But it isn't till you are out there that you realize what you miss most in your life. It took me many years before I learned what the most important thing in my, in our lives is. So if you have not yet figured it out, I'll spare you some hard learning and tell you: Companionship and Love.

wild horses of the Black Rock Desert, Nevada (2004)

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