Monday, February 23, 2009

Spa 2 go - Insulation - 5 of 7

This is how my Spa 2 Go looks on a snowy day. Not quite the poster child the advertisements portrayed. However there are three key improvements made, that makes my tub work so much better, then when it came from the factory. These are: pump hard cover, floor insulation, and top ridged cover.

Floor Insulation. Not long after I installed my tub did I find myself under the deck. It was a cold winter day and I reached up and touched the decking right under the tub. The wood was warm. That could not be too efficient I thought, so I went to insulate the floor. My first attempt was to use fiberglass insulation. I unrolled and cut sheets of insulation and tacked them to the deck joist. This did not last long, and the moisture from the winter soaked the paper and the fiberglass. The wet paper was not able to hold the weight of the wet fiberglass and it ripped through. A week later I found 90% of the insulation on the ground. My next attempt was to use ridge foam insulation. I bought three sheets of 4'x8'x3/4". Using two and a little of the third sheet, I was able to trace out a patterned for the tub and the power pack. This works great.

During snow storms I found that the tub could not keep its temperature up. I decided that the stock doughnut cover was not insulating enough to protect it from the heat drawing snow. The extra sheet of ridge foam on top of the tub provided an extra barrier to the elements to keep the tub toasty.

After the first snow storm with the S2G, I noticed that the power pack unit would become completely buried in snow. This could not be good for it, so I went about building a wooden cover. I figured a cover would keep the power pack working better if it was not buried in snow. I also felt that the UV protection was good for its longevity. Two requirements I had was that I could access the control, and that it could support a humans weight. Below are is original "napkin" sketch.
Internal framing and a hinged door made my requirements a reality.

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