Monday, June 27, 2011

To Blog or not to Blog

That seems to be a question I have been asking alot lately:  Do I spend my limited free time writing blog post, or do I spend it working on my projects.  From the lack of recent post, the later has become more prevalent, and for this I apologize.  I am sorry to the few regular followers that look to this blog for inspiration, entertainment, or humor, that I have not been able to supply lately.  However from monitoring site actively it seems that the majority of readers discover this blog from searching for answers to specific questions, and not from hitting the site directly to see what 's new.  How do I fix a spa-2-Go , install a helicoil , install a O2 sensor , adjust Silvretta 500 bindings , clear a garage floor drain , float the Truckee , have all been top articles which have lead readers to this blog. 

The goal that I set out for the blog this year has loosely been meet/followed:  a post a week.  My current year tally is 34 post and we are at the 26th week of the year.  Though I have cheated since I had posted several article each week and nothing for the last few months.

However I want to tell you that this blog is NOT DEAD.  In fact I have plenty of fodder for the blog.  In fact, like I suggested, I have been working on many repairs and modifications that will keep you all interested and on your toes. I am in the process of writing up a few, including: winter 2010-2011 wrap up-Peter Grub Hut, Season's BC set up, Komperdell flick lock mod, ski reviews.  Going into the summer season: DR350 mods, Truck mods and trips, 300zx repairs and mods, bike repairs and mods.  And the list keeps going. 
 Till then.  Keep those wrenches turning, and those wheels a spinning.