Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Busy Busy - A New Start

Life. It tends to get in the way of everything else. I have almost abandoned this blog in the last few months as I let life get in the way. However in its absence I discovered that writing in my BLOG provides me with a much needed outlet for expression, and a source for my immortality. Some men conquer nations and build empires to leave their mark for eternity; I will leave this BLOG. That is until something ill fated happens to the server and all that I have toiled over is lost forever.

As a reader this lull in new articles might come as a blessing in disguise. For what ever experiences I have been busying myself with, is for more fodder for this BLOG, and for you to read, enjoy, learn, and experience. Yes the BLOG is not dead, but I plan to make a grand reappearance. Come January 1st 2011 I will start this blog up again. And as part of the new and improved I will strive to have a new post at least once a week, maybe more. Topics I have been researching include: Hot tub permanent installation, dirt bike modifications and rides, backcountry ski tech, the 300zx SMOG saga, and of course the much anticipated BABY section.

So till we meet in the new year, do what you can to get by, for the legacy will continue.