Thursday, February 12, 2009

Morning POW Sessions

This series of storms that have been hitting our area is a god send. Not only for us skiers and boarders, but for the rest of the state as well. Winter Snow pack=Summer Water. Got up early this morning to make some turns before work. Got in the lift line a line at about 8:40AM and got 4th chair when they started loading at 9:05. There was about 10", not epic, but on top of the stuff we have been getting all week, it was al ight!

After a few runs Leslie and I hiked out to the High Traverse, and dropped in on some freshies. The chunks of fallen cornice were not too bad. Looking back at my tracks, it was so pretty I had to snap off a picture.

Back at the office now, sitting here with a big "perma-grin". Got a decent morning 7K of vert. Time to crank out some work, so I can do it again tomorrow!

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  1. damn thats awesome. And a hell of a way to start a weekday!