Monday, February 23, 2009

Epoxy Night

When I was younger (about five years ago), it was a special night when a batch of two part epoxy was mixed. There are a bunch of different kinds: Jb welb, PC7, plastic weld, Bondo, we each have our favorites, but they all share the same basic feature. Two playable chemicals, that when mixed, undergo a chemical reaction and become solid. The product is a true testament to science. I have known countless "saved by epoxy" stories. What would have been a pile of scrap can now provide years of service, by mixing a simple batch of your favorite two part.

One typical epoxy night can yield, not only a bunch of fixed stuff, but a good time as well. These pictures are from epoxy night 2005.

Yes that epoxy is some powerful stuff. Just look at the stuff possible from one epoxy night.

But those days of late night boozing and stirring are behind me. Now I simply mix small batches and repair daily mends.
Tonight's batch of epoxy repaired a pole tip that had been "skied off" this weened, and desk drawer for work. But every time I smell those epoxy fumes it brings me back. Ahhhh the glory days!

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