Tuesday, February 3, 2009

BC skiing the POW on Tamarack

My favorite back country ski partner and I took off this Saturday in search of some hidden back country powder. It snowed last weekend, and I was sure there was still some freshies to be had. We hit a local area known as Tamarack. Tamarack peak sits just SW of Mt Rose Peak proper. From Tahoe you head over Mt Rose Hwy (431). Once over the summit, look for the large pullout/parking area to the right. There should be a ton of cars parked. Though the area is known as Tamarack, we would not be hitting the peak. Instead I headed towards Mt Rose and the cold north facing slope. The circled area is where Skippy and I found some bottomless POW! The map I used is courtesy of the Back Country, a local shop in the North Tahoe Area. Visit their website for BC ski Beta, under Tahoe Guide. http://www.thebackcountry.net/cart/home.php

From the top of the ridge, just prior to dropping down the backside, you can see Mt Rose Ski resort and Hwy 431.

Skippy is eagerly waiting for me to finish my uphill to downhill transition. I call it skiing, Skippy simple refers to it as running.

A shot towards the south of a large dead tree. I think that Tamarack Peak is that direction.

The final picture, is our run back to the car. This east facing slope was the GNAR. It had warmed up and sluffed, then refroze. It was some of the hardest skiing terrain I have ever encountered.

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