Monday, March 16, 2009

Pizza Night

One thing that my wife and I love to make and eat regularly is Pizza! When it comes to homemade pizza there are four options for dough. Boboli, Pillsbury, home made, or Betty Croker.

I started with the Boboli with my mom, when I was younger. Good, pre-made, but expensive for what it is: flour, yeast water, heat. Many years later we tried to make the crust from scratch. Very similar to making bread. The result however was not to our liking. Maybe be cause we were not good at it, or did not practice enough; regardless the effort was more than it was worth. At about the same time we discovered Pizza crust in a tube. That crazy Dough boy once again comes through. This pizza crust has been the staple for the past several years. But it is still expensive for what it is and compared to the other "bread in a tube" type products. Anyways there was always something unnatural about getting prefabbed dough in a tube.
This most recent trip to the market yielded the newest consumer product in our love affair with Pizza: dough mix in a pouch. Why is this any better, I don;'t know, it just is.
The pouch contains a white powder you mix with hot water. I assume it is simply flour and quick rise yeast. Beat the mix 20 times and let stand for five minutes. Then roll it out with "floured fingers" per the directions. I was even able to practice my pizza dough tossing. I think that this is the cheapest of the pre-made crust. It also gives you a sense of satisfaction. I was once told that according to consumer testing, cake mixes where you had to add your own eggs, milk, and oil, sold much better than the ones were you simply added water (the other stuff was already in the mix). In fact I think it was Betty who pioneered this marketing technique.
The other ingredients for tonight's pizza included: mozzarella cheese, spaghetti sauce, pesto, Canadian bacon, pineapple, parmesan cheese, onions, and a little Roster sauce for some kick. Grill the onions before placing them onto the pizza, they need a little extra cooking. Construct the pizza to your liking . 15 minuets in the oven, and voila: Dinner is served.


  1. Hold on to your seat bill...there is also Trader Joe's pizza dough

  2. Whoooa. I did not see that on the TJ video. Next time I travel down that way, I'll have to pic some up.