Monday, March 23, 2009

Coffee Cup Lids

I have drank my fair share of gas station coffee. Though it is not my first choice, there is a time and place for everything. Not going into the quality of the coffee, I have noticed that there are three basic kinds of coffee cup lids. And some of them really just don't work. Let's discuss.

First there is the Starbucks style lid. The lid with the little hole you are suppose to drink though. How does one not burn their mouth with this lid. The little hole acts as a nozzle to spray scalding hot coffee into you mouth. Bad Bad Bad.

The next most popular lid is the MacDonald's type, lift and lock. This type doesn't work much better either. After lifting the tab, you are left with a gaping hole where the coffee simple sloshes out. No wonder that poor lady burnt herself.

But if you have spent enough time visiting the various gas stations across the country, you might have been lucky enough to come across the best coffee lid design EVER!! The sippy lid.

Made by DART industries, this coffee cup lid represents the cutting edge of coffee cup lid technology. Though it has been around for a long time, it seems that its existence has been held in secrecy. As if bad coffee cup lids are placed to discourage "to-go" coffee; coffee should be drank in dainty coffee shops out of giant ceramic mugs. What makes this lid so great. Well first you can actually sip your coffee with the lid on. The ridges introduce cold air to the coffee and cools it before you drink it. The flap which you sip from acts as a splash shield and prevents coffee from sloshing out, it careful meters the perfect amount of coffee for your drinking pleasures. Since drinking with this lid is so pleasurable, you do not find yourself removing the lid, to either cool the coffee faster to a drinkable temperature or to regulate the amount of liquid which gets dispensed. Keeping the lid on prevents spillage, and having your coffee get cold too fast.
I assume that DART must hold a the patent on this lid and thus no other company can copy it. But that patent must be running out. With any luck, this lid will become the standard coffee lid for all those to enjoy. So please do your part and encourage the purchase of the DART sippy coffee cup lid, and maybe one day, spilled coffee and burnt lips will be a thing of the past.

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