Monday, March 16, 2009

double roll pin

The other night I was transferring components from one transmission to the other, and something caught my attention. I was required to tap out a roll pin in order to remove the gear selector input shaft. A dust boot around the the shaft was going to be transferred and needed to be free.

I took out a small punch and drove out the inner roll pin 80% of the way. Then I took a larger punch and drove the larger roll pin out. I placed a magnet to catch the pins so they do not fall into the depths of the tranny.

A roll pin within a roll pin. I have never seen such a thing. I am sure it is there so greater "holding" or outward force is applied. Generally using a punch to drive out a pin is the limiting factor of the amount of holding force can be achieved; pounding a pin in place is easy. The tip of a small punch bends easily, thus the interference fit can not be too great. To achieve the necessary holding capacity a small roll pin is driven into a larger. Cleaver!

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