Wednesday, March 11, 2009

New Transmission

Last Friday I drove into the heart of Sacramento to buy a used tranny. A Latino kid crashed his 95 300z and was parting out everything. Well I wanted the transmission. It took a few week between initial contact and a set date to make the transaction. I approach all craigslist deals with a certain degree of anxiety. This one was no different. Maybe a little more than usual.
The problem with buying a used transmission is that there is no test to check the integrity of the internal componets. I was able to look at the drain plug to insure that there was no gear teeth on it. This was discerned by seeing that the plug magnet was not cleaned. The usual amount of deposits was still present, and not wiped off. I haggled briefly about the price with all his buddies over looking. Nothing to spectacular transpires, and I drove back to Tahoe with a 95 transmission with 146 thousand miles on it, in the back of my truck.

Tonight I swapped most of the new parts off my my old transmission to the new/used tranny. This included the speedometer pinon gear, the tranny mount, and fork boot, set the throw out bearing and fork. There are still a few things to take care of before this tranny is ready to be installed but I am working in that direction.

With this house buying thing, my projects have taken a different direction. I need to wrap things up to a "movable" condition. That means, for the Z, that alot of the trim and interior are not going to be addressed. I need to get things on all project wrapped up to a transferable state. My work is defiantly cut out for me these next few weeks.

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