Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Silvretta 500 for sale

Seems like there is a heavy interest in the Silvretta Easy Go 500 bindings these days. I guess since this is the season for skiing and the fact that they are the only mountaineering boot compatible AT binding , has lead to a lot of hits about the 500's. I was doing some shopping and came across these two deals. As a disclaimer I am not related to either of the companies or individuals; these are just something I came across today and thought I would share.

First is a good deal on a early model 500 with the old school (better) heel piece. This is a decent deal on e-bay granted they are still in good used condition and the seller is honest. Size Medium. Might want to ask for pictures of the heel piece contact area to check of excessive wear.

The next is a Mountaineering shop in Maine. I initially hit their site cause they share the same name as the local mountaineering shop here in town; Alpen Glow . This is a new binding with the new heel piece. But the price is decent.

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