Friday, January 28, 2011

Eneloop - Rechargable batteries

Nickle Cadmium really gave rechargeable batteries a bad rap. So much so, that many people think of rechargeable and do not want anything to do with them. These last 5 years or so has seen rechargeable batteries develop to a state where they rival standard alkaline batteries. These days most rechargeable batteries are made from nickel metal hydride, like cell phone batteries (not including the lithium type). These type of batteries claim three times the life in digital cameras.

Recently I have discovered the Eneloop battery made by Sanyon. Their claim to fame? They are ready to use right out of the package. This is cause they retain their charge longer than any other type of rechargeable battery, and thus no need to pre charge prior to using. They can hold something like 85% of their charge after one year. They come in AAA and AA sizes. For the larger C and D's they have sleeves which convert a AA to fit a C/D slot. Sure there is not as much life as a D but hey they are rechargeable. It is weird to heft a four D cell mag light with these little guys in them.

I have replaced all of my heavy use items with Eneloop batteries. I still however keep a stock pile of regular AA and AAA's for those items that rarely need a battery change.

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