Saturday, January 1, 2011

2011 a New Years Resolution

I am going to lose weight, work out more, stop smoking, stop drinking... and the list of things go on and on that people say they will do. As a child in school I remember an exercise that the teacher would do annually. The "New Years Resolution" essay. I promise to get better grades, I promise to be nicer to people. What a crock. If you want to make a change in your life, there is no reason that wait till December 31st to do so. The one benefit of a making a resolution is the planning. If a true change is desired, it is easier to make it successful with some careful planning. Setting a date for the start of the event, though it doesn't need to be January first, allows one to work out the details and get use to the idea that the change is coming.

That said, here is my new years resolution: Write in my blog at least once a week for the year 2011. What started out as a place to record events and documents repair jobs, has become a outlet for personal expression. It is a place where the thoughts in my head get to live without driving me crazy. I often have meetings in my mind regarding current projects that are attended by several members. There is the technical advisor, the safety coordinator, public relations, doc control, and the project manager. These meeting minutes are recorded here in this blog and the topic can then be laid to rest.

Happy New Years all. And I look forward to seeing you in blog world.

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