Monday, January 31, 2011

Pork Tenderloin and Sweet Potato Sandwich

This years Christmas dinner was comprised of pork tenderloin and sweet potato. The next day I made a very pleasant discovery when fixing a leftover lunch. The Pork Tenderloin and Sweet Potato Sandwich. For the most part I am not a sandwich lover. Sure it is an effective meal, but hardly am I ever excited when I hear that sandwiches are on the lunch docket. I considered sandwiches the human equivalent of dog food. Does the job of filling your stomach, pleasant enough to be eaten regularly, but nothing to blog about. That is until now. The pork and sweet potato sandwich I had the day after Christmas was the BEST sandwich I have ever tasted.

The pork tenderloin was pre-marinated in salt and pepper. Cooked on a grill. Then sliced into thin medallions the size of a 50 cent piece. The sweet potato, actually yams, were cooked in the microwave, finished on the grill and sliced up in the same manner as the pork.

In order for you to experience the same sandwich delight as I, you have to construct yours the exact same way as I. You can not make the tenderloin sweet po sandi to suit your liking, leaving out or substituting ingredients, and disagree with my "best sandwich in the world claim".

So let's put together this little marvel:

Since this is a hot sandwich and I was using left overs, the first step was to heat the pork and the sweet P. I used the toaster oven since I was planning on toasting the bread; this gave it a slight broiled/toasted aspect to the meat and tuber. The only bread I had at the time was a round loaf of a fancy whole wheat type. Sliced up and lightly toasted. On one slice I spread a thin layer of mayonnaise and on the other a healthy portion or dijon mustard. Next I put a single layer of pork on each slice of bread and a single layer of sweet potato on only one side. To finish off this master piece, grind fresh pepper on the sweet potato half and dribbled Sriracha hot sauce on the pork only side. Join the two halves together and take a bite.

The combination of flavors is amazing. Eating them individually does not compare . The mustard and the sweet potato compliments the pork and gives it an interesting pzazz. The contrasting texture of toast, pork and potato adds a physical element of oral adventure.

As my watering mouth is dribbling on the keyboard, I realize that I have not made this sandwich since the initial discovery. I will most likely go and purchase the ingredients for the sole purpose of making PSP sandwiches. This is one sandwich that I would not consider human dog food. Woof Woof.

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  1. You should go to Peru. There, food is probably the best in the world due to its fusion style. The sandwich you just discovered is called "Pan con Chicharrón" (bread with fried pork and sweet potato) that is a common Sunday breakfast. The difference is that they also use onion on top ("Salsa Criolla") in order to generate a very distinctive flavor. That is why you can find "Chicharronerías" (Pan con Chicharrón Store Chains) all over the country.
    A video you can watch is the following:

    Enjoy it! :)