Friday, February 25, 2011

Tacos Jalisco - Kings Beach

Mexican food in California is about as ethnic as french fries are. However once in a while you find a taco joint that seems to transport you to Mexico just by stepping through the door. There are many places in the Tahoe area to get a taco or a burrito, but the best is a small shop in Kings Beach known as Tacos Jalisco. This "restaurant" is barely more than a taco stand. Situated a few doors east of the movie theater, Tacos Jalisco occupies the first floor of a residential type building. In many ways it is like stepping into the living room of the owners. A few tables and chairs are provided for patrons to eat while Mexican soap operas blast from the television. During the summer months an outdoor table/nook allows for some patio dinning.

Tacos Jalisco in Kings Beach is not related to the one located in Truckee. Nor is it affiliated with any of the many other Tacos Jaliscos that can be found in California. From what I could gather from the lady who makes my food (I assume the owner): they are from the Jalisco region of Mexico and they make tacos. It is basically calling it a Taco Stand, but from Jalisco.

Not only is this eatery authentic, it is a fully stocked taco/burrito restaurant. Where it is common for such small Mexican restaurants to only serve chicken, steak, and pork, Taco Jaliscos serves the full range of meats and sides including lengua, cabeza, menudo, and even shrimp.

So next time you are in the area, and am looking for some authentic "ethnic" food. Do not pass up Tacos Jalisco in Kings beach. You won't impress anyone with this hole in the wall glorified taco stand, but you will get your fill of some tasty eats.

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