Friday, February 18, 2011


The recent storm has brought a TON of snow to the area. Starting Tuesday night, it has already dumped up to 8 feet in places by Friday morning. We got about 5-6 at the house. That is right we measure our snow fall in FEET not inches. The amazing thing is that it is business as usual. Roads are opened and people still go to work. Well sorta. Playing hookie to go skiing is as much a part of living in Tahoe as anything else.

I snapped this picture of someone in the Squaw Valley Ski Resort parking lot this morning. It is a good storm total indicator. Though it makes for a really good picture, this is not something that is recommended. CLEAR THE SNOW OFF YOUR CAR!!!! That could be a couple of hundred pounds worth of snow. And when it flies off and hits a car traveling in the opposite direction, the results have been fatal.

Till next time, enjoy the snow, and be safe out there!!

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  1. Dangerous picture.lots of snow on the car.We can not use snöslunga. Bad situation.