Friday, February 4, 2011


Some time in the late eighties a carton was aired that made an impression with at least one child; Robotech. A blend between Top-Gun and Star Trek, this weekday afternoon cartoon will take a seat between G.I. Joe and Transformers in the cartoon hall of fame. Though not quite as popular as the other two mentioned shows, the cult following which resulted could not be matched by either of the other two cartoon super shows.

Netflix, long had series available to rent, however the DVD's were constantly "lost", and made it not attractive to start the show. I had only watch a few episodes as a child since I was not allowed to watch weekday television. Recently Netflix made the entire series available for instant viewing. The short episodes are perfect for the attention challenged.

According to viewers the show only gets a one star rating, so why do I think it is so great. The show was intended for pre-teens and not the middle age super critics that hover about
the Netflix cyber domain. The show stood out amongst the other cartoons for its adult subject matter, which gave it an aire sophistication that pre-teens were drawn to.
The sage is broken down into three distinct series: the Macross Saga (Veritech), the Robotech Masters (Hover Craft) and the New Generation (Motorcycle). The Macross Saga however is the one that everyone remembers, as the other two series appear to be fillers. I am currently and slowly making my way through the Robotech Masters.
This seemly innocent cartoon series help teach hard life lessons to pre-teens, who are about to enter their teenage years. Mixed into the flashy anemia style graphics is the story of war and love, and the human races fight for survival. Shocking lessons of death and depression are gently introduced. Unlike The Simpsons or Shrek which were graphically designed for children yet much of the subject matter is for the adult viewer, Robotech told a story in a manner specifically for a pre-teen audience. With nudity, alcohol abuse, sex and violence, it is a surprise that the show was ever allowed to air.

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  1. 5 Stars. I'm stoked to hear that Netflix finally has is available for viewing.