Tuesday, May 26, 2009

X-men Origins - Wolverine

Hollywood owes alot to Stan Lee. With all the comic book stories he has created over the years, movie makers have a seemingly unlimited supply of material. With the success of the X-men series of movies, it was just a matter of time before the most famous of the X-men would have his own flick. This is just like the comic book where Wolverine got his own series.

If you have been a true X-men comic book fan the content of the story is nothing new. It follows the story laid out in X-men Origins comic book Stan Lee wrote many years ago. But seeing the story unfold on the big screen was a real treat. Sure, some die hard fans do not like the silver screen interpretation of a classic, they usually don't; but I am a 21st century digital kid: I love movies.

Though filled with Hollywood booms and bangs, there was something different about this film. The movie was made to tell a story, and that's it! It wasn't trying to sell anything, wasn't setting itself up for a sequel (though all comic books stories are set up for sequels), wasn't trying too hard to impress. The story itself was so enthralling that THAT was enough. In fact it is one of the rare cases that the movie came after the merchandising. Sure they will be selling a few Wolverine toys and lunchboxes because of the movie, but all selling of "stuff" had been done already with the release of all the previous X-men movies. This movie in fact was truly just for the fans.

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