Friday, May 15, 2009

For Sale - 89 Ford E350 Econoline- SOLD

Update-Well a nice man came over this afternoon and gave me cash for the keys. It's going to be a burning man rig!! Maybe I really will switch careers.

Up next on the auction block we have a... Maybe I have found my true calling in life: a used car sales man.

For $1000 you can have a:
-1989 Ford E350 Econoline Van
-Converted to an Ambulance- street legal for personal use
-7.3 liter diesel rebuilt recently
-The odometer says 38xxx miles, I assume that it has 238xxx miles
-Runs, but is hard to start, needs some work
-Includes a vacuum pump and a giant power inverter
-registered, title in hand
-Set up as a camper, has a twin bed
-converting it to run on use cooking oil requires no engine modifications, perfect vegi wagon


  1. More than a Tundra! I'd imagine close to what a 1 ton Van could do. A little less cause of all the add on's and extra weight.