Monday, May 18, 2009

Emery Altitudes - AT Bindings

Talk about a blast from the past. I just found a pair of brand new pair of Emery Altitude back country ski bindings. I originally thought that these were the Emery Energy's, but was mistaken. I believe these things were made in the 80's, never been mounted never been used. I can't even figure out how to go in and out of tour mode. I have read accounts of people loving this binding and trying to find spare parts. To me they are just weird and belong in a museum somewhere. Look at those colors. I do think that I am missing one of the lock down mechanisms. Up for grabs to anyone who might need them.
For more interesting old bindings, check out Lou Dawson's Binding Museum on Wildsnow.


  1. Wow!!! Now if only I owned a museum. Haha you come up with some weird shit. Digging it. Although I am disappointed that you couldn't figure out how they work.

  2. Arrrgg:
    I don't know if you got the post I just sent but it didn't show so I will try again. I will buy those Emerys if you still have them so contact me at or
    Bill Kirtley

  3. Sorry dude. Too late. Best to e-mail me direct. I just found the setting that e-mails comment notification. I got rid of them, but will see if they are still floating around.

  4. I am also looking the lockdown mechanism for my Emery Altitude AT Randonee binding. I purchased mine in 1989 and used them just a few days ago. To get them from tour mode to downhill mode, however, I must remove the ski and rest them manually. Any ideas where one can find the lockdown mechanism?

  5. No idea. Kind of wish I hung on to these as every once in a while someone would ask about them. They are just to old. A friend once bought these old military AT bindings. However they lacked the hold down for downhill mode. I had him buy these type of toggle clamps. I think they will work but I have never heard back.
    Worth a shot???