Monday, April 6, 2009

Watch Battery Replacement

Don't you just hate it when your watch dies, and you need to change out the battery. When I lived in Ventura I use to go the Seiko Man, in the Vons shopping center, on Telephone and Victoria. He was cheap fast and easy, and he sold stuff like fart bombs and snap caps. Crazy ol perv from Thailand. But then I moved, and it was no longer that easy. So I started doing it myself. Some watches I could pop off the back cap and go the the drug store and get a replacement. Some watches you were not able to pop off the cap, and thus Jeweler time.

That was until I bought the right tool. Like a monkey with a stick, I can now change my own batteries. Woopie.

I am sure I paid more for this than $3.99. And at that time still thought it was a tool worth having.

More on the "how can they sell it for so cheap" later.

The Seiko Man has since left the Vons shopping center. He now does his kick ass watch repair in the Firehouse (?) Plaza, Telephone and Main. Over the many years that I have gone to him, he has done many battery changes, but he also does some real work, like replaced the crystal on a few watches, and the wind up/time set knob on my non battery watches. It's a shame though, that I have not seen a naked lady lighter at his new shop.

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