Wednesday, April 15, 2009

New House- It's Official

What a long crazy month! Finally we are home owners. Our escrow was actually 37 days. Here are some highlights.

The offer- We were sortta competing for this house with another offer, the amount of which was unknown. We still paid below asking price. But we were never certain there was another offer.

Septic-The Sellers agents canceled the septic pumpers inspection. We
found out the tank was badly deteriorating, based on the pumpers note in 2003. Negotiate to have tank replaced prior to close of escrow.

Inspection- Inspection yielded more issues. Most of it was just poor upkeep. Because the bathroom and kitchen were remodeled, we were under the impression that the place was in better shape. More negotiations.

The last part was getting the septic done, and the house cleaned.
Now that all that is over, I am past the negatives and ready to enjoy my new house. Great location, good price, large yard.

But before I enjoy it. I have to move in to it. That takes place the rest of this week, the weekend, and next week. If anyone wants to visit in the future, secure your place by visiting before the month is over!

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