Friday, March 25, 2011

The Solo Traveler Plus Coffee Cup Lid

Not all coffee cup lids are created equal.  In an earlier post I reviewed the three most popular types of "to-go" coffee cup lids.  For some time now I have noticed another coffee cup lid that seems to be very popular.  It is a variation of the "gapping hole, slosh all over yourself" type of lid.  However this lid has a rotating hole closure.  There seems to be a growing trend towards spill proofing lids, following the Starbucks "hole plug".  I guess it makes sense, it is a to-GO cup, and it is easy to spill when you are going.  But this seems like a bit excessive.  I don't really need this feature, don't need to waste that extra bit of natural resource, manufacturing energy, transportation...

    This spill lock does not make it any better of a lid, as drinking from it as a cup is still its primary function.  Thus the Dart slip lid is still the best coffee cup lid.


  1. I disagree. The Solo Traveler Plus lid is the best on the market. A simple flick of the finger and it goes from safe to drinkable to safe again.

  2. I get the point being made about the resources but I agree with Jeff, this traveler lid is the best. Forget just covering the hole its about the contour of the lid and comfort and the shape of this lid is superior to everything I've seen not just on the lid market but also the travel mugs too. Almost all lids/travel mugs are concerned with spilling keeping in heat etc... but few care about the shape of the spout and Solo hit the nail on the head with this one. I've actually kept the lid to reuse when I visit my local bagel shop they're so good.

  3. Really guys. Pretty impressed that I could find others to comment on this topic. Have you tried the dart sip lid recently. Or compared it to the travlers lid in a head to head comparison. 7-11 carries the solo travlers lid so they are pretty common. I will go get a cup a coffee from them tommarrow (or soon) jsut so I can re-evaluate based on these comments. Cheers gentlemen and unknown gender anonymous commentor.