Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Ken Block - Rally Racer, Gymkhana drifting

Ken Block has made a name for himself as a rally race car driver in the few years he has been one. He has done so not only by racing, but putting his rally skill on display. His sponsorship with DC shoes was the instrument used to deliver the thrills of driving to the younger masses. The "MTV" style videos produced by Ken's team, surely contribute to making a rock star out of a humble driver. The popularity of drifting and the timeless fascination with "air time", made Ken an instant icon in today's motor sports world. His snow jump and 171 footer, have cemented themselves in the timeline of motor sports history greatness.

His first Gymkhana video spread through the web like wildfire. A fine example of awd drifting. Earlier this month he released his second gymkhana video. Though equally impressive in driving skill, it was slightly played out as far as originality goes.

Be sure to catch the snow jump video in the snow rally video section of his website.

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