Friday, June 12, 2009

The End of Analog TV - Web TV

Kind of feels weird doesn't it. I am not sure why, but the fact that you can no longer grab an analog signal over the air makes today special. A kind of passing of an era.

But to most of us we are not really effected. Only those that still pull a TV signal from an antenna might really notice. Having not lived in a large city for most of my life, cable TV was a fact of life. Bunny ears or a large TV antenna was never an option.

However these days, I don't even get cable. Seems weird to many, but I don't watch TV. Sure I have a LCD television set in my living room, but it is hooked up to a DVD player, VCR, and a computer (yes I can not bring myself to throw away my VCR, though it only gets used a few times each year). Most of my "TV" viewing is of movies. But it is not like I am completely in the dark when it comes to prime time network television. All the major TV stations broadcast their shows over the web. ABC Fox and NBS all have a website where they post their most recent prime time shows. Instant on-line movies is another option. Netflix has a large selection of movies you can view instantly, as well as countless other movies which have been uploaded. I recently watched a French Car racing movie, "Michel Vaillant" on Street Fire Videos.
Though the digital tranformation has little effect on me, it is something that we can one day tell our kids : "I remember back in the day when..."

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