Friday, January 23, 2009

Spa 2 Go Repaired -1 of 7

Last night I got to soak in my hot tub again. After being down for two weeks, I finally got the parts and fixed it. What a major PITA. Details to come.


  1. Your blog on the spa 2 go was great. It helped me a lot. I wanted to share with you something else I found out about my spa 2 go. I cleaned my sensors and got rid of the OH error. I just used a soft bristle wire brush. Then the heater quit altogether. I double checked the control board and found a lot of the solder spots were weak and coming apart. I resoldered all weak points on the board and my spa is working great again. I just wanted to point that out for anyone else having troubles with their spa 2 go.

  2. how do you get the cover off the motor? i have all the screws out of the bottom of it and it looks like the air pipe is holding it on