Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Happy 200th Birthday Charles Dickens

I just come to realize that today is Mr. Dickens's 200th birthday.  Happy Birthday.  For most of us the name reminds us of those dreaded English class reading text.  The simple mention of the name in the title might have caused many to not read the body of this blog post.  I would have been included in this group last week.

However two nights ago I had an experience which changed the way I associate the name.  So much so in fact that I am blogging about it. Two nights ago I watch the 1998 movie The Great Expectations with Ethan Hawke,  Gwyneth Paltrow,  and Robert DeNiro.  WOW.  Though the movie is modern interpretation of the novel, it still goes to show the power and depth of the original story.  And in some ways, it improves upon the original by presenting it in a media and setting which is more relateable to today's audience.

The acting, screen play, and setting are all standard big budget Hollywood.  But the character building, the emotional empathy and the story is all Dickens.  The movie has an artistic feel, and musical score which adds to the pleasant viewing experience. 

Wowing audiences for 200 years; well done Sir!

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  1. A couple of years ago, Kevin and I were on vacation and there was a copy of The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas written in 1845 at the house. It was captivating and probably one of my favorite books! Every since, I have been picking up 19th century novels, they really are a treat. I have not read Great Expectations yet, but I did read David Copperfield by Dickens which I really enjoyed too. You have to be a damn good writer if people are still reading you work in the 21st century.

    PS-I added Great Expectation to our Netflix que. Thanks!!!