Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Reno Ride 200 Enduro

Every year the Reno Dust Devils Motorcycle club hosts the Reno Ride 200. A 200 mile dirt bike ride over the course of two days. I found out about the event last year, but was still to much of a rookie to participate. Both in my riding ability, and in the condition of my machine. I have spent the remainder of last years riding season and this to prepare.
Though I rarely participate in organized events, they are great to help you get into a new activity. I will be participating in this years Reno Ride 200, at least the first day. The first day is the big day; 130 miles.
If anyone is interested in doing this ride, let me know.
vroom vroom


  1. I just entered.. go to new Pay Pal registration. this is a classic.. go to That is last years poster Date is Sept 17-18 Planning to watch Reno Air Race Finials From course Sunday Home Run Day For me Motorcycles and Air Races RegisterRole=Participant&RedirPage=~/Participant/MyParticipantProfile.aspx

  2. Yes this is last years poster as I was writing about last years RR200. I had a great time and is totaly worth doing.