Friday, May 28, 2010

Monkey See Monkey Do - Peeling Bananas the Monkey Way

Most of us have grown up peeling bananas the human way; Stem side first. This is easy if the banana is ripe, you have nails, or a knife. However have you ever tried to peel a banana only to have the stem fold and not brake apart from the rest of the peel. This usually bruises the top portion of the banana.

If you have ever spent any time watching monkeys eat bananas, you know that they do the peeling quite differently. They peel it from the base side. Hey if the pros do it this way, why shouldn't we.
Since watching this video, my life has been forever changed. I now peel my bananas the monkey way, and am nery again frustrated with a banana that won't peel or becomes bruised by my effort.


  1. I did that today. I think I'm part Monkey. :-p

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