Thursday, October 1, 2009

For Sale - 2007 Vento Phantom Scooter - SOLD

Today a nice girl gave me the cash for the scooter. It sold for much less than I hoped however it will be making someone else happy. She has a torn knee, and can not ride her bike. The idea of driving around town in her car all summer was too much for her to bear. At least this way she can still ride.

Sad is the day when I am putting a member from my very own fleet up for sale. Up for sale is a 2007 Vento Phantom Li 150cc scooter. Asking price is $1400, however any offer will be considered. Below are a list of key features

-EPA and CARB approved. Difficult to find California street legal scooter
-Front and rear disk Brakes with front ABS
-12 inch Kenda Dual sport tires

-CVT automatic transmission

-Electric start with Kick back up

-80+ mpg

-Trunk, rear rack, glove box, and flat floor. This thing is a two wheeled pickup truck.


-popular and reliable Honda GY6 based motor.

-Ca registered till July 2010

-Great Condition!

I bought this for my wife as a Valentines day present. After a trip to Asia we were very impressed with the scooter as a form of transportation. Not willing to spend the 4 grand for a Honda we opted to go the Chinese scooter route. The Honda GY6 150cc motor is the most popular scooter motor. The scooter was ordered from an on-line vendor and arrived in a box. It took a little bit of time to assemble and to work out some of the kinks. Since then it has performed flawlessly.

Now that I have a bike and my wife no longer rides, the Vento rarely gets used. It is still the prefered bike to run to the grocery or liquor store with, due to its storage capacity and ease to ride. We just feel bad having the bike sit most of the time.

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