Friday, July 31, 2009

Reno Aces - Minor League Baseball Major League Fun

Last night I went to my very first Reno Aces baseball game. I found it interesting that my local team use to be the Oakland A's, and now my local them is still represented by the letter "A".

The Aces Stadium is located just outside the heart of old down town Reno. On the corner of Lake and Evans. Hidden amongst casinos, I never knew it existed till last night. In fact other than the website, this newly constructed stadium has no presence on the web. No aerial photos or street views show its image.

The stadium was smaller yet retained a true baseball stadium feel . We were a easy baseball's throw from the field. The most interesting aspect was the lack of foul ball protection. It made you feel right there in the game as foul balls drove themselves into the crowd.

Concessions were typical of baseball stadiums. After I purchased my first 6 dollar beer, I was tipped off to the Coors light PARTY ZONE. Up till the end of the third inning, beers flowed at 2 dollars a cup.

Last night our local hero's duked it out with the Tacoma Rainer's losing game three of this 4 game series. A co-worker had some free tickets that she did not use and passed them on to us. I learned that the Reno Aces are the minor league team associated with the Arizona Diamondbacks. Unlike some other sports, the skill and action of these players did not suggest that they were not professional.

Though I am not a true baseball fan, I really enjoy all aspects of going to the ball game. The fact that the team is not in the Majors did nothing to subtract from the experience. In fact lack of crowds and chaos made the entire experience more enjoyable. This will be defiantly one event I do again!

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